Revelation Online teases upcoming Legends of Nuanor game mode

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It’s been about a month now since introduced Revelation Online’s New Sulan update, which brought sweeping changes to the titular city of Sulan, and now the devs are looking forward to the next major content update, Mythical Conflict. “After the upheaval of New Sulan,” the official post reads, “we can all look forward to the game’s next major release knowing that things aren’t going to be quite so riotous. Cities aren’t being rebuilt and the interface isn’t being redesigned and Revelation Online won’t be feeling like a whole new game. Instead, it’ll just be getting a whole new game mode.” Well, in fairness, that’s not the only thing that the Mythical Conflict will be bringing, but it certainly is the primary focus.

The new game mode in question is called Legends of Nuanor, which the devs describe as “an innovative new PvP mode inspired by the ever-popular MOBA genre that’s going to feel right at home as part of Revelation Online.” In Legends of Nuanor, players won’t be controlling their own characters but instead will choose from a roster of NPC heroes, each with his or her own unique flavor and skillset.

In most respects, it seems that Legends of Nuanor will operate within the standard MOBA parameters: “Supported by waves of minions, players must work together to destroy the enemy team’s Crystal, by working their way across a symmetrical map that is dominated by three lanes and a jungle area where players must hunt monsters (and one another) for gold and XP.” Although those are all the details we have about this new game mode right now, the devs say that they’ll be revealing the roster of characters as well as Mythical Conflict’s release date “when the time is right.”

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Is the fact people consider this game overly pay to win why people hate on it so much ? Kinda is the same way as Archeage ?

I read about so many good features this game has like player housing, open world, flight,raids,dungeons, pvp, ect..So just curious if all the hate directed at this game is purely because you can pay money to get better things then people who free load the game ?

Or is there something more ?


I didn’t like it for a few reasons:

1. Flying & wings. I hate flying and especially wings in MMOs. Players should be glued to the ground to be more immersed into the world, see point 2 why this is also bad.
2. World is empty and bland. Aside from the areas with quests, the rest of the game is empty hills with basic texture and no rocks, no trees, no nothing, just emptiness… And worse of all – you can fly and go see how empty and unfinished it looks.
3. It’s something of a Wuxia game, yet the Assassin’s class mount is a motorbike… I have nothing left to add to this.

Archeage has the same problems as 1. and 2. Recently I tested Bless Online when it went F2P and it also suffers from problem 2.

That’s why I don’t like these games, they are unimaginative, feel unfinished and are very repetitive and boring.

See the picture below. Two random NPCs in ESO show up, argue with full voice acting to hint at you that they are from opposing factions, then fight each other and you can interact with them if you want. Or, you can leave them figure it out themselves, one kills the other, opens a portal and leaves.

In other locations you can see a merchant caravan being attacked by thieves and you can assist the bodyguard and kill the thieves…

These cheap Asian games suffer the most from this – their worlds feel so plastic I hate them for this the most.

2 NPCs duking it out in ESO