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Trying to gather.

Crucible plans voice chat soon along with adjustments to its Heart of the Hive

The post-release deployment for Crucible has been a bit shaky, something that the team acknowledges in its latest preview for players; no one has...

Forza Horizon 4 is adding in the Eliminator today, a 72-car online battle royale mode

We have learned through a fair assortment of failed titles that you can't just make a new standalone battle royale title and have that...
Love, exciting and new...

Revelation Online teases upcoming Legends of Nuanor game mode

It's been about a month now since introduced Revelation Online's New Sulan update, which brought sweeping changes to the titular city of Sulan,...

Destiny 2’s new Gambit game mode will allow join-in-progress and penalize quitters

This past weekend, Bungie gave Destiny 2 players the opportunity to jump into the new Gambit game mode ahead of its official release with...
Choo choo, mothertrucker.

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs offer open-world challenge modes?

This question is not about World of Warcraft's upcoming PvP mode switch. Don't get me wrong, that's a cool option; you either explore the...

Fortnite speeds up construction

Building is a big part of Fortnite, and Epic Games has revealed some construction improvements geared to speed things up in both Battle Royale...
Everyone shoots everyone else!

Fortnite outlines a new roadmap for Battle Royale and removes submachine guns

The designers behind Fortnite's Battle Royale mode have plans. What are those plans? You'll need to go on a dangerous mission to retrieve them...
Everyone shoots everyone else!

Fortnite is getting a new large-scale battle royale mode

Over the past weekend, Fortnite managed to hit a peak of 1.3 million concurrent users and 30M total users. That's a lot of people....
So long.

The Exiled lets players in for unlimited free-to-play trial play

So, how did The Exiled's Survival Mode experiment work out? Not well enough, according to the latest update from the developers. It was interesting,...

Atlas Reactor patches in a new solo mode and a new character

There's a tendency for all of us to claim that it's our teammates holding us back in online games. Any raid leader, for example,...
Yes, much better.

Grand Theft Auto Online introduces its new Tiny Racers mode, and it’s wonderful

The newest Adversary mode for Grand Theft Auto Online isn't about stealing things. It's barely even about exploding cars. No, it's about taking the...
This should be obvious, but...

Overwatch players are warned: use Lucio in Lucioball or face consequences

The whole point of Overwatch's Lucioball mode is that everyone plays as Lucio. The name of the mode is already "Lucioball," the only character...
Let's go into a room with danger.

Marvel Heroes launches the Danger Room feature

In the comics, the Danger Room is the aptly named training facility for the X-Men, a room which is dangerous so that the superheroes...
Not feature-complete, of course, but you knew that from the name.

Star Citizen deploys a new patch and kills its old launcher

Star Citizen players have a new patch to contend with today, as Alpha 1.1.6 has been pushed live with a brand-new launcher. The previous...
Well, I mean... all right.

Ghost in the Shell Online shows off game modes and characters

The first beta test for Ghost in the Shell Online is just around the corner, and it's going to feature a lot of shooting....
Eff a robot.

Skyforge unveils high-end content and kicks off a beta PvP event

So what awaits you at the end of the road in Skyforge? Sure, you become a deity, but what are you actually going to...
Car I'm driving? I bought it.

The Crew unveils the Speed Live update

Would you like to take part in a race that's all about eliminating your opponents just through skillful driving? The most recent update for...