Fortnite outlines a new roadmap for Battle Royale and removes submachine guns

Everyone shoots everyone else!

The designers behind Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode have plans. What are those plans? You’ll need to go on a dangerous mission to retrieve them by sneaking into the… oh, never mind, you can just read them right here. That was straightforward.

Whether or not you’ll like what you read is a different discussion. Most players will probably like the prospect of 60 FPS on console versions of the game, west coast servers, and new character skins, but the game is also tossing regular submachine guns into the Vault (i.e. a metaphorical box from whence items cannot be pulled out and used). In short, it’s yanking the weapon from the game for the moment.

This isn’t to say that they’re bad, just that this balance change is meant to encourage using other weapons and to shake up the game’s metagame balance; in the future, other items can also be added to the vault and removed as time requires. There are also new social features and limited-time game modes planned, so on a whole the roadmap has lots of cool stuff to look forward to. It’s just slightly less if you love submachine guns.

Source: Official Site via VG24/7

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IronSalamander8 .

I just DLed this last night and tooled around in the PvE tutorial before leaving for work this morning but had to leave before I finished the first mission. It looks promising and while I prefer 1st over 3rd person for shooters I’ve been playing the 2 Garden Warfare games for years now and am more comfortable with 3rd person than I used to be.

Will try battle royale eventually, probably once me and my 2 friends that are interested get used to it in PvE mode.


I’ve never been a fan of “Too many people like this so we’re going to remove it or destroy it’s usability” type of change in online games to encourage use of other things. Warframe does that a lot and it’s always annoying.