Ankama Games details Wakfu’s upcoming nation overhaul


Earlier this year, Ankama Games completely reworked Wakfu’s tutorial area of Astrub for to improve the new player experience. Now the devs are setting their sights on the game’s four main nations, which will be overhauled in an update currently slated to go live this December. In a recently posted devblog, the team delves into the design philosophy behind the nation reworks, giving players some insight into what’s going to be changing and why.

One of the team’s goals in reworking the nations is to provide for easier exploration, which in part means condensing the nations’ sizes. In reducing each nation’s overall surface area, the team hopes to make navigation easier, increase the concentration of content, and encourage interaction between players, “who will have a better chance of crossing paths and interacting.”

In addition, the team wants to “improve character advancement (leveling up and finding content) by better distributing monster families.” To this end (and in order to “strengthen the identity and usefulness of each area”), each monster family will now inhabit only a single nation. With this retuning, players will have access to “a fast and varied [progression] path between the four primary nations,” rather than being forced to stay in a single nation for extended periods of time.

The devblog also goes into detail about the many facets of the nation reworking, from updating the various monster families to overhauling dungeons, and more, and you can read it all for yourself over on the game’s official site.


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I read about how Anakama favors French feedback over international and lately even ignores the French one and release content nobody asked for. This might as well be one of these pieces of content.

Reminds me of how when GITS First Assault released the 2.0 patch and it was covered on websites as “THE BIGGEST UPDATE”, but it was actually the one that killed the game.

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

Wakfu always intrigues me. I’m huge a fan of the iso view, but maybe I’ll have to give this a whirl again.