Red Dead Redemption 2 posts a record-breaking weekend while possibly sneaking in a crunch reference

Red Dead Redemption 2 posts a record-breaking weekend while possibly sneaking in a crunch reference

It’s hardly a surprise that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a successful game, but let’s just quantify that by noting that the game is now publisher Take-Two’s best opening weekend of all time at $725 million. It doesn’t top out Grand Theft Auto V’s first three opening days, but since RDR2 was released on a Friday, different terminology can be used. This shouldn’t be surprising, since a whole lot of people worked very hard to make the game successful… and one of them may have slipped in a subtle message about crunch in the process.

The gun catalogue wherein you can buy revolvers includes a line about people working “tireless hours each week and on the weekends for little pay,” while the gun itself is supposedly manufactured in Worcester, MA. That’s not far from Andover, the home of one of Rockstar’s subsidiary offices. It could just be a throwaway bit of fluff for an old-timey advertisement, or it could be a genuine message about crunch time; either way, a lot of people will see it.

Source: WCCFTech, Reddit via Polygon

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Dread Quixadhal

It’s a shame the game will have multiplayer. GTA Online destroyed any hope of real expansion content for GTA V, and likewise I’m pretty sure the multiplayer aspect of this will be a big money maker for Rockstar, and a guarantee that we won’t see any more content for the single player side of it.

This doesn’t diminish either game in the slightest, but it means those who don’t want to run thin RNG-generated online missions or PvP each other will have to sit and wait for the next full game release.


This game is def worthy of praise, its really an amazing experience. However, I have 2 moderate complaints.

1) After all these years and a number of rockstar titles these controls are really starting to annoy me. I understand they give the character weight and create realism of movement but they can really become agonizing when you’re in tight space lots to search and loot.

2) the game wants you to slow down. I love that. But i find myself in a lot of situations where I’d like to take it slow and search through stuff but the quest is pushing me hard to loot and run or race after something.

Also, I’d like a little better bounty system than just pay it off at some point.


This game takes open world to a new level. My wife and I are buying a second PS4 Pro and hard wiring to our network while we play on our PCs with remote play and stream. We will be ready for the multiplayer coming out in a few weeks.

A Dad Supreme

Controls are a little complicated to learn, but getting the hang of it. Wanted to talk to a guy… whipped out a revolver and hip-shot him dead.

Whoops. My bad, pardner.

(It wasn’t the guy on the crapper, if you’re wondering.)

Bruno Brito

It was like any other day when that fella came in here and shoot a man dead.

And now, nothin’s ever the same anymore.


The game is unparalleled.

Everyone who worked on this should be proud to be a part of it.

The industry was in very much need of a game like this to raise the bar of what a game can be and where games should be headed.

2Ton Gamer

I agree, even if you are not a person who plays this game, the effects this game will have on the gaming world whether you play CoD or an MMO will be felt for years to come.