WRUP: Sorry about the manatees edition


We’re just sorry about this. We’re sorry about everything related to manatees. We’re sorry that these things aren’t really all that cute, looking like what happens when you cut too much cloth for a seal costume and it’s late in the day and you just say “ugh, fine.” We’re sorry that some of you do find them cute, and those of us who don’t keep looking at you like you’re weird. We’re sorry that we keep killing all of them, too.

Please understand, we’re not apologizing for humans who hurt manatees. We’re apologizing for the fact that we keep doing it. In hindsight, the Manatee Harpoon Harness was just a terrible idea all across the board, and the First-Ever Manatee Demolition Derby was only improved by the fact that the manatees had little interest in doing much more than gently bumping one another. We’re just… sorry. Let us know how sorry we need to be in the comments of What Are You Playing.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I mostly escaped the Steam sale since very little of my wish list is on sale for much, and my PC is getting some new guts this weekend, so I’m probably going to be reinstalling games rather than playing them. We’ll see what makes the cut to the new hard drive! That said, I did wind up getting Summerset for The Elder Scrolls Online, so I’m thinking I’ll be heading back into TESO a bit.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): After my little sojourn with MJ, Deekay and the rest of the gang, I’m feeling the itch to dig more into Star Citizen. Namely to see if I can find a ship that’s interesting to pilot other than that dumpy little Aurora MR during the Free Fly, if getting a new ship actually doesn’t require my wallet, and to figure out just where in the heck you’re supposed to land in Lorville. Beyond that, it’s the usual Stormblood MSQ catch-up in Final Fantasy XIV which has my MMO interest. I say that, of course, without actually having made any real progress. Feeling behind the curve in any MMO just drains away my urge to meet the end, if I’m totally honest.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Now I am not in Las Vegas and can properly enjoy FFXIV, so I will.. well, do that. I’ve got a few Black Friday game deals to enjoy as well, and Granblue Fantasy antics to backup whatever Pokemon Go I get around to.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): My Minstrel is zipping through mid-levels (30s) on the Lord of the Rings Online progression server, and I’d like to see her make it through Evendim by the weekend’s end. Past that, I’ll probably schedule a brief excursion or two in Fallout 76, but I’m starting to hang back on that game until they patch it up.

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog): I am playing Leftovers! And Pie! I also hope to get further along in my building goals in Conan Exiles and ARK: Survival Evolved. Also, I might be spending some time traveling in Star Citizen; maybe this time I can actually arrive somewhere! I’ve got a few more dailies to do in The Elder Scrolls Online, and even try a couple more matches of Realm Royale. Oh man I just started thinking about all the Christmas event I will be jumping into soon and I have so much to do in so many games first!

Your turn!

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