You can customize your new Archer in Black Desert today


Nobody does a new class rollout like Black Desert, and Kakao is showing why today.

As promised, the Archer’s pre-patch is out this morning. You can’t technically play him just yet – you’ll have to wait another week for that – but you can get in on the pre-creation event right now. It allows you to roll up your Archer and then enter his pretty mug into Kakao’s customization contest. Fourteen winners will be selected to win an assortment of premium costumery and dyes. If you spend more time in the character creation screen than the game, you really need to submit your stuff. MJ.

As part of the patch rollout, the studio has also pushed live several Archer pre-release quests, allowing your other characters to collect rewards even if you’ve no interest in an Archer yourself. Today’s also the day you can claim Ethan the Butler, a FESTA freebie for all characters level 52 and up.

Finally, a hint from the patch notes.

“Due to rumors about movement of the military forces of Calpheon and Valencia, the Imperial managers of craft and delivery across all areas are beginning to make additional purchases.”


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Hikari Kenzaki

Like Natalyia said below, hop in and grab a character slot for 1 loyalty point, even if you don’t want to make/keep an archer, but the rewards for making one and letting it stay in your character list for a week are worth it.

I made mine already :)

Roger Melly

Brought this game several years ago but the lack of a male ranged class ( other than a caster ) really put me off .

Might have to download it again and give it a try .


Don’t forget you can get a slot for 1 loyalty point to make the Archer. And even if you’re not planning on leveling one up, the rewards for just making one and keeping it for the week until he actually arrives are pretty nice. (You do have to sign up for the newsletter though)



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I like him as he is!