Shroud of the Avatar expands fishing and teleporting with today’s release


Shroud of the Avatar’s final update of the year is live later today as Release 61 hits the ground running and the devs get some much-needed rest for the holidays. Players can expect more additions to the fishing skill tree and system, a major expansion of the teleporting system, a streamlining of currencies, new ways to respec, the Krampus seasonal boss, and a major bug fixing pass. LAVA FISH, people.

Do note that the loot quality upgrades and back slot item stats and enchants were held back for a future patch.

“Q4 was just a warmup for 2019 which will be an amazing year for Shroud of the Avatar players,” Portalarium’s Starr Long says.

“Crafting specializations (choose your effects!), Back Slot item enchanting, Grandmaster Craftsman only effects, Fertilizer for Agriculture, Pronged Weapons (tridents, pitchforks, etc.) more loot improvements, more expansions to the fishing system, better boss fights and more! 2019 will of course culminate with Episode 2 which will have a new story, new lands, a revamp of the Quest and Journal system, a Theater System, Treasure Hunting with treasure maps that show up as loot, Item Affinity, Taming system expansions, Customizable NPCs, and expanded permissions for containers and doors!”

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Sean Napolitano

I am truly enjoying this game, like the most enjoyment from a MMO in ages.


When i first read the article title I thought it said, “expands fishing and telethoning” ..


Songs for Children

They already expanded the beg-a-thons a while back! Perhaps they’ll hold them daily as the remaining whales continue to leave.

Bryan Correll

Will there be teleporting fish?

Loyal Patron

no,but there will be teleporting bunnies that will”borrow” your fish! ==}:*]

Roger Melly

I never knew bunnies liked fish .

I did know they liked grass though , hope they don’t steal that too .