Ascent Infinite Realm teases its solo dungeons with new screenshots


Bluehole’s Ascent Infinite Realm goes through these flurries of activity and then silence over here in the west as eastern testing continues. And today, we’ve got another flurry, right before Christmas.

“This week we want to give you a first impression of a very exciting A:IR feature, the solo dungeons,” the studio writes on its official forums. “Single player dungeons are similar to group dungeons in the sense of providing a unique challenge with the prospect of rare loot. However in Solo dungeons you are on your own. Will you be able to fight through all challenges and defeat the final boss?”

We’re including all the new pics below. Tell me you don’t see a rancor with giant horns in there.

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I could cry. Finally a dungeon system that doesn’t force me to speedrun to keep up with a party.

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A company pushing solo dungeons? I’m so happy right now I could cry. Finally acknowledgement that we donot have to gorup by default by an MMO company right out of the gate.

A momentous day.


The last one looks like a giant bug with a hazmat suit.