The Daily Grind: Which MMO studio told the biggest fib in 2018?


It would be so awesome if I could come to work every day and know that everything developers say is absolutely truthful and no shenanigans are occurring. But of course, that’s not the world we live in. In fact, one of the rules around here is “save your recordings” because you will not believe what studios will say right on the record and then claim they would never.

Last year’s winner (loser?) for this Daily Grind was the Marvel Heroes, whose studio Gazillion reps claimed to us that “the company is functioning normally” when it most definitely was not (and was in fact in the middle of collapse). My pick for fib of the year in 2018, though? Daybreak would be the obvious pick, so instead, I’m going with ESA president Mike Gallagher, who said – apparently with a straight face – that lockboxes aren’t gambling because “video games never take money from a player and leave them with nothing.” Ug.

Which MMO studio told the biggest fib in 2018, and what was it?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Fervor Bliss

CEO Brandon Beck (Riot Games)
“Anyone saying we don’t take these accusations seriously are just fucking jealous they can’t work here,” said Beck. “Like at PAX, we had a panel that was ladies only and they got in for free. I’ve been practicing this kind of feminism since I was President of Tau Kappa Epsilon in college. Just ask any of the women I hooked up with how much I care about them and their bodies.”

Riot Games CEO Calls Claims of Toxic Workplace Unfounded and Gay

Bullet Teeth

Bethesda – Hands down!

Mostly because it’s a consistent dumpster fire that keeps on burning, but partly because they just cannot get out of their own fucking way.

The string of shit this “Studio” has gone through was so unbelievably & utterly amazing, that you’d swear it was actually planned. “As The World Turns” doesn’t have this kind of drama.

And this was a colossal fucking disaster from Jump Street too. It didn’t devolve into a shit-show as time wore on, it was a clusterfuck from the moment it was revealed.

Then the bugs and glitches. Then the Bag / Canvas Shortage. Then the 500 atoms pittance for the “minor” inconvenience. Then the leaked information. Then the patches that fixed little but nerfed a lot. Then the 21:9 Ratio “Fix”. Then the Nuka Dark Rum fiasco. Then recently – the Nukes were locked out. Then went on to conflagrate ANY good-will that they cultivated over the last DECADE in a matter of weeks.

It was an actual game that was a straight fucking lie. It’s probably the first ever piece of interactive bullshit. Literally.

* Blizzvision has been slowly losing it’s touch, so we kinda seen that coming way back when Activision got their goddamn hands in the jar. So that’s foresight. I mean…with the shit that’s happening in Destiny 2, are we REALLY surprised? Really? REALLY?!

* Columbus Nova / Daybreak may have been a lie & damn near a conspiracy, but it didn’t really impact the current live games that much, if at all (with the exception of EQ: Landmark). It was basically a slimy CEO being a slimy CEO. And we knew Daybreak was a worthless bag of snot-rags back when SOE was bought out by them and killed off EQ:Next.

* Same thing with ESA, we know he’s full of shit. He knows that we know this. So it’s just another case of a slimy CEO being a slimy CEO.

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I would say Blizzard, but they would have to actually interact with the players first…


Studio’s fib?

Songs for Children

Too many lies to rank them accurately, but my personal favourite was when Richard Garriott quietly shed his CEO title at Portalarium and then tried to pretend it was no big deal. And now he’s a robot.

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Uh…so many to choose from this year!

Do we choose Bethesda with their string of FO76 fibs?
Blizzard and some of their WoW-related fibs?
Daybreak and…well…pretty much everything they said?
Some of the crowdfunding fibs?

I’m leaning on Daybreak specifically for the, “Well, we had no idea we were incorrectly naming the company that acquired us for 3 years!” lie. It was a tough competition this year and all the competitors really put in their best effort. Kudos to all the amazing studios who managed to come up with such spectacularly awful and transparent fibs, that’s hard work and they deserve recognition for it!



So, along with the usual contenders, we had the ESA tow the AAA line of bullshit. Heh. It makes sense no matter how distasteful.

But you know, I’m glad in a way. Because when ESA’s president showed that reckless disregard, the veneer of control and self-regulation for the common good faded away.

We finally got to see clearly behind the curtain and it was the eye Sauron looking back. Heh.

So, I agree with Bree. It was an “ug” moment, but it also validated publically what most of us already knew. The ESA is a sham. Self-regulation is not possible with this cast. Time to put the steel toe boots on and kick them in the lootbox.


Has to be Daybreak. They were part of Columbus Nova right up until the time they declared they were not part of Columbus Nova. I don’t think it matters which story you pick, one of them is an outrageous lie.

Matt Vine

On loot boxes and gambling – the contents of loot boxes are all virtual consisting of lights, sounds and graphics. By the same logic, video slot machines also give you lights, sounds and graphics in exchange for your money, win or lose, so those shouldn’t be considered gambling either and I believe children should be allowed in casinos. #childrencasinorights2019

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I’m on board with your petition for more children rights. They are people too after all. If you have ever seen the joy of a child’s face when their eyes twinkle in the light of Christmas decorations – you’d know allowing them to witness the happiness of a well lit casino should be every parents desire.


Bruno Brito

you’d know allowing them to witness the happiness of a well lit casino should be every parents desire.



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Not to nitpick too much ( 😁 ) but the ESA is not a MMO studio in the sense. But I can understand why you picked them and their President.