Black Desert adds devour system, privacy mode, and new battle royale classes with Lunar New Year update

Surprising no one, we have not pictured the thing we don't know about.

Lunar New Year descends on Black Desert today, which means players will be dipping into no less than three events: Cakewalk, in which you’ll be bashing mobs and fishing up fish for items to get Moon Rice Cakes for rewards; Serbianca‚Äôs Vouchers, where unsurprisingly you’ll be looting said vouchers and swapping them for logs; and the Mammore hunt, in which you’ll be hunting down a werewolf with your huting rifle in exchange for goodies. Next week will see the return of Valentine’s Day events too.

And beyond events? “We are excited to introduce two new additions to our game: the Devour system, which allows you to convert enhanced gear into Enhancement Chances, and the Privacy Mode for those lone wolves that do not like to be disturbed,” Kakao says. Additionally, “Black Spirit’s Rage can now be used to inflict Injury on enemies, which will prevent them from recovering HP as efficiently.”

And over on the battle royale side, the Musa and Kunoichi join the fray as playable classes.

Source: Patch notes
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