Champions Online introduces the Midnight archetype

Oh, fine.

If you were hoping that today would be the day that Champions Online surprised everyone with a huge new bundle of actual content, we’re sorry to disappoint you. If you were hoping that the game would introduce a new archetype you can spend money on… well, you have an odd set of hopes, but that has actually happened. The Midnight Archetype is out now, and it’s all about assaulting your opponents with the inky black powers of evil and general darkness.

Of course, you can probably guess what that means. Yes, you’ll be draining the life and ability from your enemies while bolstering your own; yes, you’re also more fragile as a result of your dark pact, so you’ve got some vulnerability to defend against even as you suck down the strength of your foes. As you do. If you’ve got a fierce need for a different archetype for your characters, here’s your opportunity.

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