Star Citizen Around the Verse is selling a new ship: The Argo SRV


This week’s episode of Star Citizen Around the Verse is a little longer than usual, but don’t get too excited: It’s only because it’s frontloaded with a commercial for Star Citizen vehicles. But it’s player-created commercial, and it’s good! Damn, I’m conflicted here.

The episode itself focuses on asset optimization, ground traffic on ArcCorp, and then on the Argo search-and-recovery vehicle, which – you guessed it – is now up for sale (it rolls out to regular backers today, but concierge tier backers have already had a go). Of course, if you prefer other ships, the brand-new Hornet F7C-M Heartseeker as well as special editions of the Cyclone and and Origin 85X are up for sale for Valentine’s Day. The cheapie version of the Argo will set you back “only” $130.

Argo Astronautics: SRV

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Source: Official site. Cheers, Fastcart.
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