Crowfall welds leveling and talent systems onto its framework


There is a lot for Crowfall’s team to discuss this month, what with the delay of the first sanctioned campaign and all of the systems being added to the game. Speaking of which, talents and leveling are now part of the most recent build, allowing players to progress in a meaningful way.

“The talent and leveling systems have now been introduced into Crowfall,” the team announced. “Adjusting the numbers for them will be an ongoing process. As leveling commences, new talents become available. The system has been designed in a way that will let new players ease into the array of talents available.”

These systems, plus changes to disciplines, the Trial of the Gods campaigns, and reasons behind the sanctioned campaign delay were all part of the most recent developer Q&A, which you may watch after the break.

Source: Crowfall

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Release already…

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Was about to post, so is this thing released yet? I’d lost track honestly. Your post answers my question. lol.


I stopped caring about the game really. All they do is post minuscule and meaningless updates and the game is nowhere near ready for even a beta test and it’s been years since I registered two accounts on their website.

The first account I registered is eligible for an earlier pre-alpha stage 6 test or some shit, while the second is for pre-alpha stage 9 or something but they are years away from these stages.

For me this game is vaporware like Star Citizen – they will milk gullible idiots for money and big, spectacular promises and in the end they will back out, or will release so late in time, that nobody will care about the game.

But hey, you can pledge for a minimum of $50 and help them test the game for many years to come. xD