Crowfall delays sanctioned campaign, introduces new competitive campaigns

Crowfall delays sanctioned campaign, introduces new competitive campaigns

Crowfall’s big news this week is either good or bad depending on your view: ArtCraft announced another delay in its testing phase, albeit a hopefully brief one.

“As we continue on the road to Alpha, we announced this week that we are delaying the launch of the 1st Sanctioned Campaign in favor of realizing additional gains in performance,” the devs explained to Kickstarter backers. “This path was suggested by our players and we took their advice. We share the goal of ensuring that when we hit the Alpha milestone we also hit the quality bar to support massive Throne War battles.”

The upside here is that the game has introduced what it’s calling Trials of the Gods, so you’ll still have something to do.

“The Trials of the Gods is a series of competitive campaigns that pits player faction against faction in contentious Campaign battles, they can win. In the Trials, players must prove their worth as Eternal Crows. Winning and losing factions will be rewarded. Rewards will be new items delivered via a unique new system – Accessories. Accessories are the beginning of the Crowfall ‘skins’ system. The system offers players 3 locations on which to attach items; Badge, Belt and Back.”

Source: Kickstarter

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Grim? Darhk

Crowfall just feels so fucking rough.


This is one of those titles I really don’t care how long they want to delay it. I’m not buying in till they say they are done wiping characters and they’re ready to do a soft launch. Ideologically this is the game that potentially will hold the most amount of interest for me but I have low desire to muddle through testing phase on a title like this.

Paul B

I agree 100%.