LOTRO gets ready to push progression shards into Moria next month


Loved or loathed, the underdark of Moria is preparing to draw in a whole new generation of MMO gamers when Lord of the Rings Online opens its doors on the progression server next month.

A specific date for the progression server unlock has not been set, although March 8th will mark the four-month point since Standing Stone Games launched the special ruleset shards. This next unlock will contain the entirety of The Mines of Moria expansion, including a level cap increase to 60, all of the Moria zones through Lothlorien, the skirmish system, and the legendary item system.

Our LOTRO Legendarium column recently chewed over the question of whether Moria was amazing or agonizing. It’s hard to decide!

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If the game emulated the game’s original difficulty curve, I’d likely still be playing it.

As it is though, it’s just a relaunch of the current live game in game play and style. Sadly this is game play and style that keeps me away from the current version.

The studio just took the easiest route to capitalize on the return to old school craze, without actually returning to old school. The current crop of players can continue to enjoy it and wish them success.


I actually heard that the playerbase of LOTRO isn’t MMORPG players, but LOTR fans, some of which have no experience in MMOs in general.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if they were making complaints that the game was too hard for them and the developers made it easier to comply.

It’s kinda funny imagining people in their 40s, 50s, 60s complaining that the game is hard for them whereas they should be intelligent enough to adapt to it… xD


Not true, the 1+ year I played most I met were MMORPG fans and a good amount I found came from EQ2. I actually recall only one person having it as his one and only mmorpg ever. Just there is a general trend to label all who play a popular known IP as not mmorpg fans I heard same things for SWTOR and STO and |DDO and it was never ever that way when I actually tried the games

Maggie May

Yea so true, in my Kin, I have had conversations with people on all the mmorpgs we’ve played. Although quite a few are fans of lotr, theres no reason you can’t be both.


I’m a general MMORPG fan, but prefer fantasy over sci-fi and I like LOTR a lot, but the way pricing is made in LOTRO keeps me away. If they made some lifetime susbcription for like $500, I’d buy it, or all of the existing content being sold for like $250 in one package… but no… They had to go and make it super expensive and complicated – you have to buy expansions, then you to buy subscriptions, then other small details that make this too complicated and undesirable for me.

Also knowing that PvP is very basic in this game and not popular at all, I can see why not many MMORPG fans would want to play it on the long run.


Yes I know the feel. Its either pay a subscription or hand your wallet there