Introducing Haven, a co-op RPG starring a pair of lovers


I can speak from some level of experience that gaming with your significant other is a good time, so the reveal of Haven is pretty much right up my alley. Developed by The Game Bakers, the same studio behind 2016’s hack-and-slash bullet hell game Furi, Haven promises a romantic story about “everyday love.”

Details on gameplay are a bit scant, but one screenshot shared from the game seems to suggest that it will feature some form of turn-based combat with the two playable characters simultaneously taking their actions. There’s also word that Haven will feature either single-player or couch co-op – so multiplayer at least, but not an MMO. As for the setting, the game casts you as a pair of escaped lovers who are on a lost planet of floating islands.

Haven is expected to launch some time in 2020 according to its Steam page. A vague but rather lovely teaser trailer is after the jump.

source: PC Gamer
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