Experience Anarchy Online from the beginning with its upcoming fresh start server


Last December, Funcom made some waves in the Anarchy Online community with a seemingly out-of-nowhere Facebook poll asking fans if there were any interest in a fresh-start server for the studio’s 18-year-old sci-fi MMO. The response was mixed, but apparently the idea gained some traction, as Funcom has just announced that it’s actually happening, like for real.

The Facebook post announcing the fresh-start server — which the studio is apparently calling the “2019 server” — is brief, so details right now are pretty scarce, but here’s what we know: All players will, of course, start with fresh, new characters, and initially, the server will feature only the “original content from launch.” From there, it seems that things will unfold similarly to your typical progression server, with additional expansion content rolling out regularly over time. Aside from that, though, we know virtually nothing about it, and that includes its release date — Funcom simply says it’s “coming soon.” How soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Facebook. Thanks, Serrenity!
Since this post went live, Funcom’s streamed a tease of the new server; we’ve covered that right here!
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