Survived By tweaks the Druid and doubles rewards for full parties


Life in the world of Survived By is pretty rough as I found out first hand, so anything that improves the quality of life would certainly feel welcome. QoL is the focus of the most recent patch to the bullet hell sandbox, which made an important adjustment to the Druid special ability and made grouping just a bit more rewarding.

On the topic of the Druid’s Bear Form ability, it no longer has a charge component, instead switching to a swipe that issues nine short-range projectiles in a half-circle arc from your character. As is often the case in spread shot skills like this, the closer you are to the target, the more bullets impact, thus improving the damage.

As for grouping, that’s gotten a buff with the update as rewards now scale with party size. This effectively doubles the goodies parties get if they’re a full group of six. There are a number of other improvements in the patch, including updates to Wraith and Valr rewards to prevent players hitting caps too easily, a variety of critical bug fixes, and other updates.

Future patches are continuing to look at features like sub classes, the addition of Guilds, and a “massive” rework of the game’s Ancestral Legacies mechanic. For now, though, the patch notes for this update have all of the specifics.

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