Part 2 of Arabian Nights update arrives to Armored Warfare


The current season of the online military vehicle battler Armored Warfare has drawn to a close with the second part of Arabian Nights, which oddly enough brings French and Italian vehicles despite the update’s title. I’m sure I’m overthinking this bit, though.

These new vehicles arrive by way of Francine De Laroche, a new armored vehicle dealer who provides tank commanders some new toys to earn. According to the presser, these options can be configured to fit a variety of combat roles, providing the most diversity possible.

The update also brings on the conclusion of the game’s story missions as the final showdown between Magnus Holter and Clayburn Industries reaches its logical (to the game’s lore) tank-shooting conclusion, along with the launch of Battalion vs. Battalion PvP mode, and a host of UI and mechanics improvements. All of the specifics can be read right here.

source: press release
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