Camelot Unchained seeks to blow up a castle built with 9 million blocks

Camelot Unchained seeks to blow up a castle built with 9 million blocks

Show of hands: Who here played one of the Sim City games? And of those players, whose first impulse when firing up said game was to unleash all of the disasters on a pre-built metropolis and watch it burn? There’s probably some folks in the Camelot Unchained team who did the same thing considering the devs are going to destroy a castle built with over 9 million blocks, but this fit of destructive impulse is actually for test purposes.

With the team’s usual attitude of “go big or go home” when it comes to stress testing, Camelot Unchained will be exploding a massive TDD-themed castle built with a huge number of blocks to see how the MMO’s physics engine copes.

“Let that sink in for a second. As this thing is destroyed, we’re networking the physics as it falls apart, meaning all the players on the battlefield will experience the same simulation! With a building of this size, the results should be pretty exciting.”

The latest weekly update also goes over the usual in-progress updates for Camelot Unchained, including work on a new siege scenario, a (hopeful) fix for ATI card crashes, the introduction of magical mortars which just sound awesome, and more. Full information, as always, is at the website and you’ve got the Q&A wrap-up video below as well.

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Dean Greenhoe

I just want to know how many wagons I need to bring to haul away these 9 million blocks of rubble for my salvage business? And, it better not all decompose before I can get it home.

Things look like they are coming together. Patience.. Patience…


Chapeau. Assuming this is all true (and I’m inclined to belive so), CSE is doing a wonderful job from a technical point of view. I’m eager to try this game.

Simple question to MJ: are you going to publish anything about your tech in any journals? Just out of curiosity.


I’m sure all of the details will be documented when they start marketing their engine to others, post CU launch of course


Mark Jacobs

In the immortal words of Mel Brooks, said so perfectly by Madeline Kahn, “It’s true, it’s true!” :)

The nice thing is that we show our Backers everything that we talk about publicly. So, when we have 3K ARCs in a fight, our Backers are invited to join us in some of those tests. Same holds true for the 9M blocks test. It will be an interesting one. We think we know what will happen but until we get both Backers and ARCs/NPCs, we won’t know what will happen. :)

In terms of marketing our engine, time will tell. When the engine has something commercial attached to it, we’ll make the call. I know what I would like to have happen but I promised our Backers during the KS that we’d stay away from crazy hype, and we’re being restrained when we talk about the capabilities of our engine. But, I/we have heard that from other teams in the past and as such, until we prove that the engine can deliver the goods, we’re not committing to doing anything else with it except making our own games with it.