The Daily Grind: How obsessively do you plan your MMO characters?


All right, moment of truth here: I’m still really excited about the potential for playing City of Heroes again. I want the legal version Titan Network is trying to get so badly. But I’m kinda staying away from the up-and-down-and-deleted-and-up-again-nope-down-again test servers right now outside of claiming names, partly because it’s still a shadow server and partly because I don’t see the point of investing in characters that probably aren’t permanent.

What I have been doing, however, is playing around in my spreadsheets and MIDs. Yeah, I’ve dug out all my old builds as well as my roster of characters from 2012 to see what I want to remake and what builds and ideas I want to salvage or reinvent. I’ve popped everything into a list, and I’m still trying to decide what my first line-up of toons will look like. It’s gonna have a lot of Storm, though, that I know.

How obsessively do you plan your MMO characters?

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