Destiny’s latest update nerfs the Hunter Spectral Blades attack and adds a hidden Exotic quest


Update 2.2.2 of Destiny 2 — which appropriately sounds a bit like you’re saying “pew-pew-pew” when you read the version number aloud — went live this past Tuesday, bringing with it a few adjustments that didn’t look like barnburners on paper but actually included a new Exotic weapon to pursue. Sneaky, sneaky Destiny 2.

The noted patch content simply brought a number of fixes and adjustments to the shooter, including a fix to the long-standing Xûr Tower bounty bug that didn’t let players collect Vex samples. One of the hotter ticket items is an overall nerf to the Hunter special attack Spectral Blades; the Super’s damage reduction has been tuned downward both in stealth and out, its overall duration without attacking has been shortened, and its melee attacks now cost 50% more Light.

Not noted was the addition of Outbreak Perfected, a.. well… perfected version of the Outbreak Prime, a pulse rifle from the original Destiny. This new version of the weapon fires off SIVA nanites that damage nearby enemies on rapid hits and precision kills like the original, but also adds the Parasitism perk that deals bonus damage to enemies infected with nanites. Those who are looking to get their hands on this brand-new blaster can follow this guide.

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