Ascent: Infinite Realm opens registration for closed beta in Korea

Ascent: Infinite Realm opens registration for closed beta in Korea

It’s been some time since we’ve heard about some major movement in the development of Ascent: Infinite Realm, but now there’s word of a pretty significant milestone for the MMORPG in its native Korea: Closed beta is coming and players are now able to register themselves to get into the game.

Applications are being accepted between Wednesday, May 29th, and Sunday, June 16th, for those who are 18 years of age or older. The scope and length of the closed beta was not otherwise disclosed, so it’s anyone’s guess what’s waiting for players inside, but progress in Korea certainly bodes well for A:IR’s timetable here in the West. A recent image shared from the game also appears to reveal three new races: an elven race of some sort, an orcish race, and what looks like a sheep wearing a top hat which is just as cute as it sounds.

There’s also a fresh trailer from the game showcasing some of the locations, world boss fights, and PvP clashes the game has to offer. That video is below.

source: MMO Culture

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I was hoping this post was going to say they are now accepting beta testers in the US , but saddly looks like I’m going to have to wait much much longer from the looks of it.

Daniel Miller

Already have access to kr version, but most who kept coupin from gstar 2017 get it as well. I didn’t bother with thai, but will enjoy this.

Toy Clown

Been watching this game for a while. It’s starting to feel like “BDO-lite” but with a Steampunk twist.


I hate the fact that it’s cash shop is filled with pet skill reroll scrolls and armor enhance items to increase rng. BDO players will have a new home to pay for power in yet another Kakao published cash shop nightmare


I want nothing more than steampunk Neosteam PvP vibes. I’ll give this a spin off that alone.


I like the fact it seems very steampank