The Daily Grind: Do you check out sunsetting MMOs on their last days of operation?


I’ve never played Worlds Adrift, and in the near future I will never be able to do so. Despite this fact, I’m in no particular rush to try the game out before it shuts down. It definitely had some interesting ideas, but it spent so long with open PvP as the only option that any interest in the game was thoroughly diluted. The changes came too late for a lot of people who had already moved on, and the best scenario of checking it out now would be me loving the game and knowing it’ll be gone soon. Worst-case scenario? I play and see exactly why it’ll be gone, something that I most definitely do not want to crow about while fans are mourning its demise.

But some people really do like to be there for the end. Not out of morbid curiosity, but simply out of a wish to see what the game was like before it’s gone forever. And sometimes, yes, just to see what ultimately led to the game’s downfall. So do you check out sunsetting MMOs on their last days of operation? Will you try a title fresh knowing that it won’t be there much longer?

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Oleg Chebeneev

I did several times. Vanguard, Wildstar, Nostalrius server. Probably few more that I have forgotten.

For people asking why, whats the point. Those last days feel special and you remember them afterwards. I like just to read chats which are very active before shut down where people say last goodbuys and share stories.

Last hours of Nostalrius were particularly memorable. We gathered with our twinks for the last match in BGs, there were HUGE crowds in capitals. Ive never seen so many people at once in WoW. And chat was scrolling nonstop. Here is one of many screenshots:

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If I’ve moved on, a sunset won’t bring me back. If I still dabble in the game, I can imagine spending a larger amount of time at the end, but that is pure speculation. So far, I’ve moved on to other MMOs long before the sunset gets announced.

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I dont. Only two games I would and that’s because I played them for a very long time.



Heck no. The start of most MMOs is often convoluted and non fun. By the time you get to the open world the game would be shuttered

Sarah Cushaway

No. What’s the point? To torture yourself with the fact you’ll never get to play it again? Not my thing.

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Java Jawa

nope, don’t have the time nor desire, i’ve got a few i’m very happy with and that’s the best i could wish for.

Bruno Brito

Not really.

Castagere Shaikura

The only MMO I did this to was Earth & Beyond. Flew my ship around till server got unplugged.

Jim Bergevin Jr

I’ve started doing that of late. Generally, if I can find the time, I will try out games once the sunset is announced. Tried out Lawbreakers, Gigantic, Wjildstar, and Winning Putt. I enjoyed each one to some extent or another. For Wildstar and Winning Putt, I was able to be there at the very end and it was both a blast and a bit emotional as (even in such a short time) I really found I liked the games.

I do wish I had delved into them earlier, but I can say that about a lot of games right now. My free time is limited, so I would never be able to play all the games that I really want, so I have no regrets. I am just glad I was able to spend a little bit of time with them.


Nope. Because what if it was good? Then I’d regret not playing it while I had the chance. If it’s bad, I could have been playing something else.