Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen offers a closer look at the Enchanter class, posts June newsletter


When Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen goes live, I suspect the Enchanter class is the one I would gravitate toward. Its primary functions are listed as “crowd control” and “utility,” which are two great gameplay tastes that taste great together, especially in an MMORPG that espouses cooperative play.

The Enchanter has gotten its own class page on the Pantheon website at long last, granting the support-minded MMO player a closer look at the abilities and spells of the class. It’s a mana-using, cloth-wearing class, as one would expect. Its featured abilities all make the Enchanter sound like a juggernaut of back line support, with skills that replenish ally mana, remove resource cost requirements for allies for a short time, or lowering resistance or completely incapacitating a target. Of course, a skill like target incapacitation also has the drawback of damage ending the effect — or more popularly known as the Controller’s Curse for you City of Heroes players.

In other Pantheon news, Visionary Realms has today posted its June newsletter; the heart of the piece is a deep-dive into Faerthale, the signature zone that’s been the focus of so much of the game’s recent updates.

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