Crowfall is working to make the new player experience smoother

Have fun, don't get killed.

Starting a new game can always be challenging, but it gets a bit more challenging in a very open-ended title like Crowfall. The developers have listened to feedback that starting the game fresh felt a little bit like being thrown into the deep end of the pool with no guidance, so with that in mind there are changes in the works for the start of the game to teach new entrants. Specifically, players will start with axe in hand to start out gathering and crafting, just so that everyone gets an idea of how the game’s crafting system works.

Once that’s done, players will also be tasked with fighting a few basic spiders in the time-honored tradition of… well, fighting spiders. The changes won’t make much difference to players already thoroughly on-board with the game, but if you’re starting fresh and need some points of guidance, it should help you understand what you’re supposed to be doing and how best to enjoy it.

You may recall that our own quick tour of Crowfall noted the overall hostility of the new player experience, which makes this change most welcome across the board.

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