Crowfall is working to make the new player experience smoother

Have fun, don't get killed.

Starting a new game can always be challenging, but it gets a bit more challenging in a very open-ended title like Crowfall. The developers have listened to feedback that starting the game fresh felt a little bit like being thrown into the deep end of the pool with no guidance, so with that in mind there are changes in the works for the start of the game to teach new entrants. Specifically, players will start with axe in hand to start out gathering and crafting, just so that everyone gets an idea of how the game’s crafting system works.

Once that’s done, players will also be tasked with fighting a few basic spiders in the time-honored tradition of… well, fighting spiders. The changes won’t make much difference to players already thoroughly on-board with the game, but if you’re starting fresh and need some points of guidance, it should help you understand what you’re supposed to be doing and how best to enjoy it.

You may recall that our own quick tour of Crowfall noted the overall hostility of the new player experience, which makes this change most welcome across the board.


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This is good. I backed Crowfall from the beginning, but when I logged in to check it out I was completely lost, had no mobs to fight, no quests and no players were around. Something that funnels players into the same zone would be for the best.

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Is this game in beta 3 now ?


Well, it is interesting that they have recognized a problem. I think, however, that there is a much bigger problem looming on the horizon for them.

That is the whole idea of resetting the game, the players, the gear and so forth. The idea of a game where you have to spend time crafting only to see all that time spent turned to nothing? Well I don’t see that being a mechanic that will sustain today’s gamer over the long haul. Look at the flak companies get over a rollback of a few hours. Can you imagine how folks are going to feel if that involves months of lost ‘progress’?

Should be facinating to see how this all evolves over time.


You bring starter gear into a basic new world. Remember there are restrictions for each world on how much and what you are allowed to bring in. Then over time you empty your bank using that starting gear to get established on that new world.
A more dangerous world is going to allow you to bring in better gear, but always in a limited amount.

Then you re-fill your bank with the stuff, Fatty loots or lodes of crafting materials ect., you want to take out of the world when it ends. Now hopefully your side does well overall because the winning side gets all of the contents of their bank transferred to their Eternal Kingdom. The losing sides will lose part of their inventory in the process.

The Eternal Kingdom is like the housing portion of the game but you get an entire mini world of your own to improve. Heaven. This is where you will spend time between conflicts. (Guilds will be able to link Eternal Kingdoms together.) Since there will be many worlds of different difficulty to go battle on at all times, you can spend as little or as much time in your EK as you like.

So you might bring back higher level crafting components to improve your EK buildings. Or you might bring back some nice gear you acquired to use on another new world that allows it. You might even want to bring back body parts to build new “vessels”. A vessel is just a fancy term for the body your Crow soul is inhabiting. (Think of it like EVE and ships, you build a ship to fly in EVE, you build a body to control in Crowfall. Or someone builds it for you. The game will provide you with unlimited starter vessels but the player made bodies will be superior.)

You will want to bring back more inventory to your Eternal Kingdom than what is allowed, but that is part of the fun. Deciding what to bring back will be a major strategy decision.
In a game where everything beyond basic starting gear is ALL player made (Even the better Player Character bodies.) there will be multitudes of options and strategies to explore.

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So what would I need to purchase in order to get access to the beta and try this out exactly? It sounds kinda wild even if I am normally not a PVP person, I could get behind doing support work for the team like healing / gathering / building that sort of thing.


I think it’s pretty easy, check out their website but they are always eager to get new testers in and playing.