Ultima Online has completely overhauled treasure hunting in this week’s Forgotten Treasures update


2019 has been the year to be a fan of pirates and boats and sea-faring escapades in Ultima Online, as Broadsword’s been rolling out High Seas-inspired content all year, starting with Rising Tide back in March – that update chiefly buffed ship combat. This week, Forgotten Treasures is officially live on the production shards.

The star of the update is a total overhaul of the treasure hunting system itself. Broadsword has rebalanced the way detecting hidden, lockpicking, cartography, mining, and remove trap work in conjunction with treasure hunting, plus rescaled map levels and difficulties, added skill-set based themes to chest loot, added crafting mats and new deco to the drop table, and converted old maps. If you were used to soloing the hardest maps, maybe take a group with you, as these are more meant for multiple people. In fact, if you have done any treasure hunting at all in the last decade, take a peek at the patch notes, as the revamp is extensive.

There are a few new houses added to the placement tool this round too, all houses created by players as part of the keep contest from earlier this year.

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