Ultima Online’s Rising Tide update launches today with improved ship combat, vet rewards, and kitchens


At the beginning of 2019, Broadsword announced big things for Ultima Online: an entire year of content on the high seas, inspired by the incredibly popular High Seas content pack from 2010. The first publish of this new set of ocean-faring content drops is called Publish 104: Rising Tide, and it’s officially rolling out to the live production shards today.

Players can look forward to a new event – sea fights for maritime trade cargo and rewards – plus a large update to the way ship cannn are contructed, cleaned, used, and fired, and even tweaks to existing ship AI and mechanics.

There are also new veteran rewards, including house deco (like the new water wheel) and new crafting stations. Finally, the cash shop’s gotten a bit of a refresh with a nice buff to existing paid housing teleporters and the addition of a decorative kitchen set for people to add to their homes. “Enjoy this beautiful kitchen set to spruce up your cooking space,” the patch notes read. “Use a variety of dyetubs, dyes, and pigments to customize the color of your kitchen set! The wash basin works as a water container! The wood stove functions as a source of fire for cooking and alchemy!” Do want.


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For an old game its quite playable. My only reservasion is its harder to get into, when you start as new – not for the difficulty but you dont have easily find people to ask on things and guilds to join that want new players