Ultima Online’s first big update of the year drops in March with new high seas content


Broadsword has been tinkering on Ultima Online’s first big content drop of the year, Rising Tide, and after weeks of testing, it’s now officially planned to release to live servers in March, according to the game’s latest newsletter. As we’ve previously written, the update includes a hefty revamp to ship cannon mechanics, crafting, firing, and graphics, as well as a slew of new veteran rewards.

The update is part of the studio’s overarching 2019 plan to infuse the venerable MMORPG with several high seas content patches. “With Rising Tide almost out the door we have already started planning on Forgotten Treasures,” Broadsword Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong writes. “At the onset we will be taking a look at Treasure Maps and [messages-in-bottles] – be sure to get involved in the conversation and give us your feedback during this planning phase by visiting the forums.”

Armstrong also says the team is working on new cash shop items – yes, the 21-year-old game has a cash shop, and people are more or less OK with it it – including trapdoor teleports and a “Decorative Kitchen Set” for player homes. A farming set is likewise planned.

Source: Newsletter. Thanks, Panagiotis!
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