Massively OP Podcast Episode 212: Harry Potter, progression servers, and No MMO’s Sky

Here we are.

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin get ten types of nerdy with Harry Potter, World of Warcraft, progression servers, and a public service announcement about not being ashamed to call your game an “MMO.”

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To the person who expressed an interest to use a controller on LOTRO, it’s indeed possible if you launch it through Steam in Big Picture mode. You can use pretty much any controller and remap the keys. I played LOTRO recently using a Switch Pro controller and it worked great. My aging shoulders thanked me.

Jim Gust

YES, Farscape is the bestest. Both of you are doing it wrong. I’ve converted my discs to MP4 and put it on my Plex. Now restarting the series is no hassle.

Fervor Bliss
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I second the importance of taking some time to look away from the monitor. I saw suggested a rule of every 20 minutes look at a point 20 feet away for 20 seconds. I definitely notice the difference when I forget to do that ever since I took it up.

I also get up and stretch every hour, possibly doing some light exercises. It doesn’t necessarily have to be heart-pounding exercise either, just something to get you moving.

Also I still hold out hope Blizzard will enable cross-faction PvE gameplay in WoW sooner than later. I find it irritating that they emphasized the faction split right after how cooperative Legion was. I’d like to believe they were being literal about BfA when they may have hinted at how it’ll wrap up the faction conflict once and for all.

Barnoc N'Draak

Being a grown up means that you can stay up as late as you want, but you just don’t want to. Marathon gaming sessions do not sound fun anymore.

Maybe we should stop talking about progression servers and have old people servers. We could call them Let’s All Walk Now servers.

Hikari Kenzaki

The Division 2 is really one heck of a game and fun for MMO players. Had to stop the podcast cause spoilers.


Harry Potter was my way to learn english, but i agree with Justin, i loved it when it was a geeky thing, i used to listen to HP podcast, visit one fansite, and this is so rare for me, i never did that before or after.

WoW is faction based game and i don’t think this will ever change, what Blizzard is saying (but not really saying) is they’ll allow players from both faction to play together in dungeons and raids, they even tested that in PVP as i remember in Warlords, and now in BFA you play as the other faction for some boss fights in the last raid.

Third faction? that is a possibility, remove both factions? i don’t think so, this will need so much work.

For health … just a suggestion: play less, sit less, and have a new hobby, one where you need to move, gardening? :-)

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Hufflepuff represent! lol