Blade & Soul’s major Legacy of the Hongmoon update is live today

Next up, turtles!

The latest major update for NCSoft’s fantastical martial-arts MMO Blade & Soul, Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan, went live today, increasing the level cap to 60, adding new class specializations, introducing the Lyn Warden, and opening up the Shackled Isles battle-royale PvP event.

The patch notes for the update are up for players’ perusal, and as befits an update of such import, they’re pretty extensive. Each class has been significantly overhauled to accommodate the new class specializations, of which each class has two, with a third to come “in the future.” To unlock their class specialization talents, players must be at least Hongmoon Level 7, which will allow them to complete the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan quest that will grant access to the specializations. Players can also now explore the new Moon Refuge hunting field, which can be entered by completing the Taking Refuse quest at Hongmoon Level 13.

And of course, for those with a more competitive inclination, there’s the new Shackled Isles PvP game mode, which pits 20 players against one another in a no-holds-barred, battle-royale style brawl in which only one combatant can emerge victorious. Participating in the Shackled Isles, which will be open for five one-hour windows each day, will reward players with Shackled Isle Coins that can be exchanged for “PvP upgrade materials and Psyches from the Battleground Trader NPC.” On top of the new content, there are also a slew of adjustments to the game’s equipment and itemization systems, the full details of which you can find alongside the rest of the patch notes on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes

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Yes, sir. I haven’t checked to see if we are out of maintenance yet, but it is not likely. It is a very lengthy one, with good reason.

I’m really looking forward to this, but I’m also a bit gun shy. You have to admit that the industry as a whole, over the past 6 months, has been a quagmire of issues and mismanagement.

I’m hopeful that the delay in releasing this BnS update benefited us here in the west. The Korean launch before the holidays was awash with awakening bugs. Could it be that, for once, we were spared from it?

Hmm. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

One other note: This is an important update for NCWest. Many players left the game after lackluster Fall updates. The promise of new skills and new ways to play will bring some BnS style gamers back. And this is crucial to keep resources on desktop games for NCWest.

Because that’s the thing. Mobile is a huge source of revenue with two more BnS mobile titles coming soon. In order for desktop games like BnS and GW2 to keep getting resources in NA/EU, sales and revenue need to meet or exceed expectations in the west.


Hope so…’cause my pigtails have a lot riding on this game! >.<

More importantly though and for now: Move over Maiev Shadowsong, Lyn Wardens are finally live (and about eff'n time)!!!! <3