LOTRO Dwarves delve too deep, progression players rush in to see


Dust off that goat and ride fiercely into Khazad-dûm, for the vast underground kingdom is finally open for business on Lord of the Rings Online’s legendary servers. Sure, it might seem a little silly to be celebrating a re-release of an expansion that came out in 2008, but both Standing Stone Games and LOTRO players are oddly enthusiastic about venturing into Mines of Moria on the progression shards.

The unlock went live with Update 23.4 yesterday, a patch that mostly dealt with Moria-related items. This comes a little over four months after the launch of both Anor and Ithil and brings with it an increase in the level cap to 60, 11 additional zones, legendary items, and the skirmish system. There’s even a trailer for this re-launch, because why not? Check it out below and see you where the sun don’t shine!

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I may buy into LOTRO….

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Alex Willis

Best game expansion ever, warts and all. I still dream of the Waterworks.


Love seeing how the servers have completely died as the prognosticators said they would with the Mines release (I love sarcasm ;) )

Matthew Yetter

I’m not sure which server you’re talking about. Ithil was hopping yesterday.


It was sarcasm, for those who insisted the servers would only last as long as Moria ;)!

Thanos Karageorgiadis

Im a new player so this server is a blast for me. I will get to enjoy all expansions. Whats amazing is that although most players already leveling in moria content, low level areas (im lvl20 atm) are still full of people leveling.