No Man’s Sky is planning its major Beyond update for the summer with online play

Here we are.

We’ve been covering No Man’s Sky for a long while here, first because the game was supposed to have a multiplayer component and then afterwards largely out of momentum. But it turns out that’s all come together nicely because the game has big updates planned for this summer, promising what it calls three major updates in one. And the first element? A multiplayer component allowing people to share and play together in the game’s procedurally generated universe, just the way everyone always wanted it.

Hello Games is quick to claim that this isn’t an MMO because it doesn’t have a subscription fee and won’t contain microtransactions, which our readers will no doubt immediately regard as akin to claiming that you don’t consider this four-wheeled vehicle a car because it doesn’t have a CD player or cupholders. But whatever they choose to call it, this is a major step forward from the game’s four-player update, which happened last summer, and a boon to the people who have stuck with the game during its slow road of improvement.

Source: Official Site via Eurogamer; thanks to agemyth and CapnLan for the tip!
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