Guild Wars 2 player builds Super Adventure Box guild hall in tribute to designer Josh Foreman


My kid has already started pestering me about Super Adventure Box this year. It’s almost April 1st. Is it open yet? Will there be anything new? Can we go? Is it open yet? When does it open?

I don’t know all the answers to his questions, but I do know that Guild Wars 2’s infamous April Fools’ Day event and content, Super Adventure Box, will be back at some point – my guess is next week or the week after (since April 1st falls on a Monday, and Tuesday’s usually patch day). We know it’s happening because ArenaNet’s Mike Zadorojny said so explicitly when trying to reassure everyone that the company’s February layoffs weren’t going to stop the flow of content. In fact, while the community is busy speculating, he said SAB’s return is “imminent.”

It’ll be on a sad note either way, however, because SAB’s original creator, Josh Foreman, was one of those let go in NCsoft’s purge. But GW2 players aren’t gonna forget him.¬†Player and YouTuber ThunderCurrie has been working on a project to immortalize SAB year-round by building a version of it inside his guild hall, posting it in tribute this week.

“This ‘project’ took 1 year on/off to complete,” he reveals in the video. “There are over 100 floor pieces and over 140 wall pieces” – complete with cloud teleports, deliberately imperfect terrain, and an actual honest-to-goodness jumping puzzle that looks properly frustrating. The deco limit apparently makes a complete replica impossible, but we’d say it’s pretty damn amazing anyway, especially given the intense farming.

“Thank you, Josh Foreman,” the video ends in salute.

And here’s our play-through in SAB from last year.

Just waiting on the real version to return now!

Source: Twitter
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