‘Full multiplayer experience’ flies into No Man’s Sky today


There’s no reason to explore the galaxy solo, thanks to today’s massive No Man’s Sky NEXT update. The “full multiplayer experience” has finally arrived in the game, two years after the game’s rocky 2016 launch, and the hype around this title is very real.

Update 1.5 crown jewel most definitely is the four-player multiplayer, which can be enjoyed with friends, strangers, pirates, or wingmen. Special multiplayer missions are now available, as is both text and voice chat. The team is hoping that “epic space battles” emerge from this feature alongside communial bases, farms, and racetracks.

No Man’s Sky is also using the NEXT update as a good excuse to kick off free weekly events and community missions and launch the new Galactic Atlas website. Need even more? How about near-unlimited base building on planets, an optional third-person mode, emotes, character appearance customization, freighter enhancements, rebalanced crafting, procedurally generated tech, an overhauled newbie experience, graphical enhancements, a UI overhaul, and a huge space station marketplace. There’s a lot more, but we’re exhausted just thinking about all this, so make sure to read the patch notes for every last bit of update goodness.

Thinking about picking it up? It’s 58% off at Green Man Gaming right now!

Source: Patch notes
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