RIFT prematurely ends its progression server run


While progression and legacy MMO servers are fairly popular these days, RIFT is putting an end to its Prime server before it was able to complete the full run, having made it through only its first of three expansions, Storm Legion.

Considering the massive changeover from Trion Worlds to Gamigo last year, it’s not a huge surprise to see that the game’s new owners and smaller team are not interested in keeping this progression server going.

[AL:Rift]RIFT Prime will shut down at midnight on March 31st, and all of its characters will have the opportunity to transfer to regular live shards in North America thereafter. In addition, Gamigo is giving any characters who reached level 50 on Prime a free level 65 booster and one million loyalty. Gamigo said that it won’t be able to transfer guilds, however, and any naming conflicts will result in the Prime refugees having to assume a new moniker.

The fantasy MMO is currently celebrating its 8th birthday this month.

Source: RIFT
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