The Division 2’s early access begins as Ubisoft details the living world endgame

But seriously, what's Damien's deal this week?

Early access is officially underway for The Division 2 for preorder buyers ahead of the formal launch this weekend. If you’re in, you’re already skipping class and taking sick days from work to play to grind toward endgame. Everyone else gets to read about it because Ubisoft dropped another blog all right on topic. And yes, the studio’s still using the term “living world,” which means nothing to most gamers but probably makes MMO players’ eyebrows twitch ever so slightly.

“Our goal for the sequel was to create experiences for you as the player that would not only surprise you but also keep you coming back for more,” the studio explains. “To achieve this, we developed our ‘Living World Simulation’ – a series of rules that allow all activities and encounters in the open world to spawn systematically. Your open world adventures will be both unique and dynamic in The Division 2, encouraging travel and exploration as a result.”

Essentially, you’ll be operating as part of a faction controlling points, with AI that will determine what it does next – for example, “if a point is low on food, [it] will send scavengers out into the open world to gather resources,” thereby “[creating] an opportunity for other factions to eliminate the convoy and take the supplies to fit their own agenda.” And yes, as we noted last week, it’s not dissimilar to the way the vanilla Guild Wars 2 world map operates.

Take a peek at the whole blog on the official site, then get your countdown clocks ready. And your wallets, if you haven’t yet picked up the game and plan to; just don’t forget that after Friday, you won’t be able to get the game digitally anywhere but Ubisoft and the Epic Games Store.

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