Old School RuneScape dishes on Song of the Elves dev progress in new blog


It’s been some time since Old School RuneScape’s Song of the Elves quest was initially revealed at RuneFest 2018, but don’t worry — it’s still on track for a 2019 release, and the content devs behind the quest recently sat down to give players a look at how it’s coming along. As it currently stands, “the overall structure of the quest is in place and most of the combat and dialogue is complete,” but the devs are still working on the quest’s main puzzle, which the devs are touting as “one of the most challenging puzzles [they’ve] ever created in Old School.” Once the puzzle is complete, all that’s left is to create cutscenes, and the quest will be “mostly finished.”

But the quest isn’t the only thing coming with the content update. Completing the quest will grant players access to the brand-new Elven city of Prifddinas, which will include two additional new features: the Gauntlet, which is “a unique PvM challenge with powerful rewards in the form of crystal armor and a legendary sword,” and “the demon Zalcano who has been trapped by the elves for [players] to test [their] skills using Mining, Smithing, and Runecraft,” in addition to the usual array of shops, NPCs, and so on. As you might expect, bringing Prifddinas to life is a huge undertaking with its own intricacies and challenges, which you can read all about in the full dev blog over on the game’s official site.

Oh, and for those RuneScape players with Twitch Prime subscriptions, the second month of exclusive Twitch Prime loot is now available. Players can head over to the redemption page on Twitch to claim two free Umbral Chests that “both include a guaranteed super-rare prize.”

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