LOTRO patches in functional bees and discourages permadeath playthroughs


Heads up for you Hobbits and Elves: Lord of the Rings Online is patching up to Update 24.1.1 today. This mostly fixes a few issues in the new Anduin region, implements emote throttling as a way to nix spam, and finally allows bee pets to, y’know, fly.

Today also kicks off the summer festival, which will run through July 11th. You’ll want to bookmark FibroJedi and LOTRO Wiki to help you maximize your fun and rewards during this celebration.

Over on the forums, one developer explained why the team never continued to hand out special titles for never dying past level 20. “I argued against continuing the Undying titles into the higher levels,” said MadeOfLions. “I love games with permadeath, but online games are sometimes susceptible to the whims of the internet, and losing such a time investment for something that’s basically beyond your control wouldn’t feel great.” He went on to say that he did not suggest a self-imposed permadeath playthrough of LOTRO.

Source: Patch notes
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Kevin Cook

Since you can’t play the epic quest line past Angmar without being instantly killed because it is hard coded into the quest line. They should have given the players the option of killing that roomfull of soldiers and let us kill or force amarthiel to flee than the terrible scripted scene that your character cannot do anything but stand there and die.

Randy Savage

I’ve gotten as far as Moria without dying. I’m pretty sure I could start over and reach level cap without dying, especially with a Warden. When played right, that class is like a demigod.

Melissa McDonald

i need to see Anduin. I hit max level but there’s still a bunch of stuff I haven’t done yet.