Upcoming mobile title TERA Classic opens up pre-registration in South Korea


Last month, Kakao Games announced that it would be bringing Bluehole Studio’s action-combat MMORPG TERA to mobile devices with TERA Classic, and now the publisher has revealed that the game’s pre-registration phase has begun. Not to be confused with the other mobile TERA adaptation, Netmarble’s TERA M, TERA Classic — despite what the name may suggest — aims to faithfully recreate the world of TERA but tell completely new stories within it. According to a recent report from MMO Culture, TERA Classic will be set “20 years before the start of the PC version, and apparently during the conflict between the conquering Dark Devan Empire and Resistance Army,” if that means anything to you.

[AL:TERA]Gameplay-wise, details are still somewhat scarce, not lease of all due to the fact that the game is currently planned to launch only in Korea, making it hard to glean information if you can’t read Hangul. What we do know, however, is that the game is being “touted as a huge open-world mobile MMORPG with a focus on guild content” and that four classes have been revealed thus far: Slayer, Archer, Warrior, and a magic-wielding class that looks like a Priest. As mentioned, there are no plans that we know of to bring the game to the West, but if you’d like to see what our friends in Korea will be getting their hands on, you can check out the game’s official trailers just below.

Source: MMO Culture
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