The Daily Grind: Do you still have any faith left in Secret World Legends?


We slip on from the second anniversary of Secret World Legends and the game sure as heck looks pretty abandoned from this side of the screen. And it’s really easy to be cynical about this one, folks, even if the ultimate story can just be as simple as the game tried for a rather ambitious relaunch that didn’t work out. After all, it was a whole new game with new business model and marketing, and yet… here it sits, without updates or anything new, just sort of existing in a state that inherently still annoys fans.

But perhaps that is, again, just being cynical. The funny thing about this game is that if new story content was announced on Wednesday, an awful lot of fans would be ready to play again by Thursday at the latest. It’s not like the issues the game has are impossible to fix for the fans, even, and it’s not like those fans wouldn’t drop some cash for the experience. So do you still have any faith left in SWL? Or are you pretty certain that the game is functionally dead?

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