Blade & Soul’s Roots of Malice brings two raid dungeons and an event dungeon today


It’s patch day today for Blade & Soul, and it’s once more got another infusion of high-level content for players to take on. The Scarlet Conservatory continues to face a dangerous threat, and a new event dungeon featuring Hae Mujin are the highlighted features of the new Roots of Malice update.

The Scarlet Conservatory consists of two areas: the Titan Chamber and the Botany Chamber. Taking on the threats in each of these two new raid areas will net you a number of tasty rewards, as is the usual case for raid-level content.

The new update has also brought on the Hae Mujin’s Outlaw Arena event dungeon, where players can square off against Hae Mujin’s many forms for event tokens and rewards. The event dungeon will run from now until Tuesday, August 20th, with reward redemption available between July 24th and September 17th. Roots of Malice has also once more introduced several item changes.

The game is possibly still down for maintenance, so for now, you can get the complete skinny in the patch notes.


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