Star Trek Online details changes due for several ship types


The identity of your Star Trek Online spaceship is pretty important; it determines the kind of abilities you have access to during space combat, which also determines the kind of role you play in Fleet actions. In an effort to help further flesh out ship identity, a number of starships in the MMO are going through some changes.

The changes are specific to three types of starship, but these changes appear to be pretty dramatic, though most of these adjustments are applying to Tier 6 craft. Temporal Destroyer and Science Vessels will retroactively get the Temporal Operative specialization, Flight Deck Cruisers are being renamed to Flight Deck Carriers and will now have two hangar bays instead of one in order to differentiate them from Dreanought Cruisers, and Escort Carriers are being renamed to Strike Wing Escorts and will trade the Quick Deployment mastery for Enhanced Weapon Systems.

All of these adjustments will be part of an upcoming update that’s due to be announced later. If any of these ship types sound like something you own, then be sure to head to the website, which lists the ships that are seeing these adjustments.

source: official site, thanks to Panagiotis and CapnLan for the tip!

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