Pirates of the Burning Sea’s new operators promise new content and more with new hires


Last year, Pirates of the Burning Sea made headlines when it lost its publisher support and primary coder. It was on the brink of sunset until Portalus also offered the game up to a player-led non-profit corporation willing to take over the title and keep it running for the players – which is precisely what happened. In January 2019, Portalus announced that Vision Online Games, led by a software development executive, was taking over POTBS, replacing the servers, modernizing the game’s infrastructure, and attempting to increase the game’s dev staff and playerbase through a marketing campaign, even keeping existing characters and accounts.

So how’s all that going? Well, apparently. This week, the studio posted a note on social media.

“The team looks ahead to great things on the horizon for the game!” Vision writes. “We’ve hired new engineers and just held our first introductory meeting to map out the work to make sweeping game improvements, feature updates and more. You’ll want to keep an eye on our social channels as we begin to share more and more news. THANK YOU to all the fans who have stood steadfastly by us for years as we continue to work to make this game incredible.”

Follow-up comments promise that the studio is working through a “list of fixes/additions/changes” and that “new content is absolutely on that list as a future project.”

Here’s the whole backstory:

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