Destiny 2 delays its Shadowkeep expansion and F2P New Light into October


Excited over the Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2? Hope so, and you’d better get comfy, because Destiny 2’s big expansion – and its Steam launch and de facto F2P shift – is gonna be late.

“As we get closer and closer to serving up Shadowkeep and New Light, it has become increasingly clear to us that our releases for this Fall would benefit from a bit more time in the oven,” Bungie admitted via blog post earlier this afternoon. “We wanted to let you—our Community—know first that we’re changing the date for Shadowkeep and New Light from September 17 to October 1.”

Apologizing for “screwing up” player plans, the studio also notes that the World First for the new Raid Garden of Salvation will start on October 5th, that Moments of Triumph will go on three extra weeks, followed by another Iron Banner when that’s over, with Cross Save going in this summer.


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Laucian Nailor

For me 1st person is always impaired- cold sweats and nausea after 30 mins, but can play for hours if in 3rd, even if only just behind the character 🤔

Kickstarter Donor

I’d rather have the game late and playable, than on time and buggy as eff.

Take the extra time it takes to get it right. I’m cool with that.


> Apologizing for “screwing up” player plans

No need for that. The only plan I have about their F2P transition is to confirm I still don’t like games with impaired first-person view. Otherwise I’d buy it long ago or snatched it when it was available for free on


What do you mean by “impaired first-person view”?


It’s common with games that sport both 1st and 3rd person.

GTA5 has it too – it has 1st person and it’s OK, but it certainly isn’t as good as it could’ve been if 3rd person wasn’t an option to begin with. GTA5 is also better played in 3rd person, same goes with Destiny 2.