The Daily Grind: What do you want your ‘legacy’ in your current MMO to be?


A few months back, a player on the Pantheon forums posted a neat question asking fellow players what they wanted to be known for within the game’s community.

I feel like my own goals have varied dramatically over the years through different games. I wanted to be known as a peacemaker for a while. I liked being known as a fun roleplayer, a good duelist, and somebody who would host resources for the community. I love being known as a top crafter for sure. Over time, I turned inward to just wanting to be there for my guildies who’d stuck by me for so many years.

But nowadays, I kinda want to be as obscure as possible – I already feel like I am so conspicuous in this weird media bubble around MMOs that I like my actual characters to be No One!

What do you want your “MMO legacy” in your current game to be?

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Hikari Kenzaki

I’m pretty well known in TSW/SWL as a photographer. I’m good with that. In another game or two as well.

The House of Light had some big/central moments in a few plots in the early years.

Star Citizen, we have plans to be an in-character news org (who are also secretly heroes fighting corrupt orgs.)

Bryan Correll

Everyone should be thinking, “This game just isn’t the same since Bryan quit. His blinding intellect, humble attitude, and razor sharp humor are sorely missed.”


Considering ‘Legacy’ is an actual mechanic of the game I’m very vaguely playing lately (SWTOR), I certainly want it to not be how they did it…

I’m still kinda just hovering waiting for a game where we’re not intended to just kill each-other, where working together isn’t frowned on, where being a part of a group is a good thing…but isn’t necessarily REQUIRED to function. Something that doesn’t require you to ‘set a schedule’ to participate either…as I have serious insomnia issues and am around at all kinds of random times..which doesn’t make for easy ‘work with others to achieve set goal’ stuff. Kind of like how they did FATE’s in FFXIV…where you can just see it’s happening and jump in and help out as you desire, or ignore it if you don’t feel like being part of it. I often would start one of those solo, and others would join in along the way…and eventually the FATE-chain would complete and we’d all have gained something from it. You don’t always have to know everyone to succeed/work together…

I guess I just want my legacy to be that I was helpful to others, supportive of others (See: Lack of support classes nowadays.), was kind to people when they were kind to me in return (I can be vicious back to those who be vicious too…). Helped people out in times of need. (Tend to be the person who rez’s a random stranger who died…) Just a part of who I am…


If something i did in game made another player feel super happy then that’s enough for me.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Nothing at all. I don’t play games to leave a legacy (except as part of the story line), nor do I care what a bunch of Randoms sitting at a keyboard behind a pixel avatar think about my avatar or “legacy”. What matters to me are the friends I have made through my streaming and showing my kids the good we can do as a gaming community through things like Extra Life.


I don’t care for in-game community, so I don’t care about how others see me.

That being said, I mostly* subscribe to the idea of treating others the way I want them to treat me, so whenever I develop a reputation it tends to be a positive one.

(* The exception is when someone is doing something I abhor. Then my response will range from ignoring that player to, in the most egregious cases, dedicating myself to making the game as unenjoyable for that player as I can. In WoW, for example, I once spent a few hours preventing a Horde group from completing a neutral escort quest after they killed my character during said quest just to make it respawn faster for them, until they gave up and left the area.)


The pigtails have already been spoken for. <3


Generally? Someone who’s helpful and friendly in all contexts, who plays fair, was generous with their time and talents. Honest, even if that might have been a little uncomfortable.
People who are jerks? The person who made them rethink their life choices.
To people who gank me? Someone apparently-pathologically bent on revenge to the point that they regret ever ganking that apparently vulnerable lowbie and just wish he’d forget their name.


I wonder. My game is …was … ESO. My computer broke a while ago, so I haven’t been able to play.

I was part of a guild, but not very active, just occasionally popping in when someone needed a DPS for random dungeons. I have no idea if I’m still in the guild, they probably kicked me out because of my inactivity.

Other than that, I was a solo player, a loner. I was just some random guy, either dressed like a badass Dark Brotherhood Assassin…or a Robinhood cosplayer…depending on my mood.

I guess I hope that the people who I randomly ended up in dungeons with thought I was a good DPS. I tried to be, despite my preference for going it alone.

I also had a couple of the rarer pieces of cosmetic gear, which you had to earn in game, not just by dropping $$$. So, a small part of me wishes someone noticed my swag as I was wandering by.

The problem with being a loner, in both in game and real life, is that no one remembers you. I like being alone, but I must admit that there’s a small part of me that wants to be remembered.

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