Kritika Online appears to be coming back to life in the west, self-published by its developer

Hello again?

Back in April, we said farewell to Kritika Online as En Masse Entertainment closed it down following two years of operation. While the game continued to run in South Korea, it was still a farewell for these shores; you can catch MJ’s final stream of the game just below. But it appears that may not have been the end after all, as a Facebook group run by developer ALLM is proudly claiming that the game is on its way back over for November.

There aren’t any real details available on the Facebook page at this point beyond the date and official artwork for what appears to be dubbed Kritika Reboot, so it’s hard to be sure of what those details will be. It certainly looks like the original developer is self-publishing servers here to continue a localized service, but we’ll have to just keep our eyes peeled with what happens next. If you were sad about saying goodbye, perhaps this’ll be a chance to say hello once again.

Source: Facebook; thanks to Austin for the tip!

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Vitor Braz

But why? Why would they think that it would be any different this time? Didn’t they learn anything from ELOA, Metro Conflict, ASTA, or tons of other games that relaunched for no reason whatsoever?


Well one reason Kritika went down was the way En Masse ran it and screwed over the Founders.

During beta they let people freely use the Cash Shop with test currency they gave out to see which stuff people liked the best. Then they withheld all the stuff that was popular from the Cash Shop at release – which does often happen in online gaming and is cheesy but that’s not the bad part.

They sold us all these huge packages full of IAP currency as Founders, then tried to get us to spend it on the stuff we didn’t want or like at release by only releasing the stuff that wasn’t popular (again, cheesy but it happens often in these games and isn’t the “screwed over” part).

Many Founders saved their money and didn’t fall for the En Masse tricks, which seemed to really bother En Masse. So rather than finally release the stuff the Founders were waiting for into the Cash Shop, they only released the popular items as new cash purchase packages off their web page and didn’t put them in the in-game Cash Shop or for IAP currency at all.

The Founders couldn’t use all that IAP currency they sold them in the Founder Packs to buy the stuff they really wanted, En Masse wanted to force them to spend new money on the stuff they really wanted. This caused a mass exodus of big-spending Founders from the game who weren’t going to let En Masse get away with this, which even though I liked the game, I was part of that exodus and was happy to be part of it. It’s rare that that many people decide to leave a game together and punish a company for its wrongdoings, normally it’s just a few people rage quitting on their own, so I was very happy to join in with this larger amount of spenders leaving the game.

I did keep a bit of a watch over the game here and there and that was only the first part of the shenanigans, they pulled various other ones that each caused more and more people to leave the game. They were running the game very poorly in most people’s eyes. It started with that big screwing over of their Founders, and that was their first major mistake, but it didn’t end there.

It seemed En Masse learned their lesson, as they didn’t do this kind of stuff when they went to release their next game Closers. Or maybe it was just headed by a different team.

To get Kritika to succeed you’d have to win most of the spending people back and convince them you weren’t going to run it the way the team at En Masse did for it to have a remote chance. Personally I’m not ready to go back to it again and still have that bad taste in my mouth that En Masse left the way they ran it.


Huh, another game attempting to revive after a bad run in the west.

What’s next, Rift? /s
Wouldn’t mind a better attempt at Rift though.

Mike Morris

Rift was never taken down, it’s still available :)


Anytime on the tip! Was surprised by this myself, but always love to see games coming back.