ArcheAge Unchained details Belstrom and ArchePass diligence coins compensation


While Belstrom EU players of ArcheAge Unchained were already offered some recompense for a three-day long outage in the form of a server-wide boost to earnings, they were also promised a box full of stuff. On Saturday, those items were detailed and distributed.

Belstrom players who were level 30 or higher at 7:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, November 7th, got themselves a box full of goodies, including 250 Kyrios Badges, 50 Gilda Stars, 10 Bound Labor Rechargers, and 1 Hiram Infusion Pack. What’s more, it appears that distribution of these boxes went off without a hitch.

As for compensation over the ArchePass diligence coin situation, that’s incoming too; Gamigo says it’s “wrapping up a package” that players can claim.

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