A mobile version of Granado Espada is in development from Hanbitsoft

Viva buhos!

We understand if you have forgotten about Granado Espada at this point. Sure, Hanbitsoft has been developing it consistently for years now, but it has always kind of flown under the radar both due to age and due to the smaller nature of the game. Its localized English version never quite took off, either. But perhaps the upcoming mobile version will help give the game a second wind, since that mobile version has just been announced for a late 2020 release in its native South Korea.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to show off at this point for the mobile version: no trailers, no previews, and no system details. Plus, it’s on mobile, which no doubt has several of our readers spreading circles of salt to ward against evil. But considering that Hanbitsoft does have a solid track record with the desktop version, there is reason to be at least cautiously optimistic as we await more news.

Source: MMO Culture
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